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Parts & Accessories is what you’re after, at Blue Water Marine, we do a lot more than just sell boats we have the goods to go with your boat. In addition, we supply common everyday and hard to find items, like a (N.L.A.) No Longer Available parts. At the same time, you may just need some trusted advice on what step to take next with your boat or motor, contact Blue Water Marine today. Nonetheless our friendly, highly trained, & knowledgeable team will aid you with any questions/concerns and will help you get back on the water as fast as possible!

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Blue Water Marine are one of a few Mercury/MerCruiser, & MotorGuide Trolling Motor Premier Dealers in the Ohio within 75 miles of Columbus, Ohio. Moreover, we have a large inventory of parts & accessories including Original Equipment Manufactures Parts. Also, we have Great Advice for You from our Certified Technicians on Staff.

Blue Water Marine carry a large selection of MerCruiser & Mercury parts. We also have some parts for Mariner, Force, J&E, Sierra and Teleflex in stock. Our company deal’s with today’s top manufacturers such as Starcraft Marine Full Line of Boats, Mercury Marine, & Sea Star Solutions who are all innovator’s and trend setter’s in the marine industry. Drop on in, or contact us to get your boat back on the water!


Of course, if your looking for Hard to Find (N.L.A.) No Longer Available Parts.
We have many Manufactures OEM Parts in Stock, Check Our N.L.A Lists Bellow.

Mercury, Mercruiser, Force, Chrysler
Johnson, Evinrude, OMC

Parts & Accessories

Of course, when shopping for parts & accessories you may discover an annoying price difference between “marine” parts and automotive parts. Consequently, the difference is due to small but important modifications.

Particularly starters, alternators, distributors, starter solenoids, and all electrical motors should be ignition protected if they are intended for marine use. Therefore they are sealed to contain sparks, which are produced in normal use. Sparks under the hood of your car are not a hazard, since a constant draft prevents an accumulation of flammable vapors. However in the confined spaces of your boat’s bilge, one spark plus an accumulation of gasoline fumes can mean disaster. Compared to some automotive carburetors and fuel pumps are designed to leak. In fact, they have vents, which emit small amounts of gasoline if a carburetor float chamber overflows or a fuel pump develops an internal leak. Conversely with cars, gas drips out of the car. On marine carburetors, these vents lead into the carburetor throat so that any overflow is consumed by the engine. Also, Marine fuel pumps eliminate external leaks.